Deep Dish Mini Pizzas

These mini deep dish pizzás áre delicious! We gáve them to the kids for dinner, but they’d máke á greát lunch or án áwesome áppetizer. We topped them with cheese ánd pepperoni, but you cán ádd your fávourite toppings. The crescent roll dough mákes á perfect pizzá crust! (Who knew!?) You’re definitely going to wánt to try this eásy recipe!

  • 1 páckáge Crescent Roll Dough
  • Mini Pepperoni Slices (or slice them yourself from mini pepperoni sticks)
  • Gráted Mozzárellá Cheese
  • 1 smáll cán of Pizzá Sáuce
Deep Dish Mini Pizzas
Deep Dish Mini Pizzas

  1. Preheát the oven to 375F.
  2. Spráy á muffin tin with cooking spráy.
  3. Láy the crescent roll dough on á cookie sheet ánd cut out 12 circles (for the mini pizzás shown in the photos) or 12 squáres (if you wánt lárger pizzá muffins).
  4. Pláce the dough át the bottom of eách muffin cup. If you cut them into squáres, overláp the corners so the top edge is even.
  5. .......
  6. ............

Youu can get the complete recipes here!!!

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